The kitchen solution also offers voice assistant integration to provide step-by-step cooking instructions, and is compatible with smart speakers and digital assistants including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The platform’s proprietary “UltraConnect Technology” also turns any recipe into a smart recipe by extracting recipe keywords to coordinate with multiple connected devices.

“Chefling was created to make cooking simpler and more enjoyable,” said Amar Krishna, co-founder and CEO of Chefling, Inc. “… Through this partnership with Home Connect, Chefling will align with top-tier home appliance brands such as Bosch to make the cooking experience even better in a fully streamlined smart kitchen.”

In practical terms, the app can serve up the best recipes that consumers can make based on what they have in the kitchen (aside: this is how Singapore noodles and omelettes were born), while also minimizing trips to the grocery store and using up ingredients while they’re still fresh. Once cooking has begun, users can use the new Home Connection functions in the Chefling app to adjust temperature, mode, and timing of all relevant smart home appliances to match the recipe instructions.