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How to Take Advantage of Meditation

As modern life continues to change rapidly with the advent of new technology, the pace of daily life only seems to increase along with it. Stress, anxiety, and even conditions such as clinical depression are far more common than they were just 20 short years ago and...

Why Powerful Women Lean On Meditation

Oprah Winfrey claims that it makes her 1000% better. CNN Anchor Soledad O’Brien says that it’s life-changing. Jane Fonda said it’s one of her secrets to aging gracefully. Arianna Huffington says it played a huge part in her success. Jennifer Aniston said that it’s...

A Silicon Valley Technologist’s Mission to Conquer Cancer

While movies and television often focus on the negative possibilities of a world driven by artificial intelligence, trading in traditional relationships for life-like robots or evil machines destroying the planet, many technologists today are focused on the positive...

Tech Mindfulness in 2018

Want to be on your phone less and connect more with the people around you? Here are some tips from an expert! Over and over, I'm hearing how people are resolving to spend less mindless time on their phones and connect with the folks around them in a more meaningful...

CheckAlt Buys Klik to Beef Up Mobile Capture

The check image specialist CheckAlt has acquired the receivables transaction management provider Klik Technologies, a deal CheckAlt hopes will boost its profile as the financial services and corporate payments markets turn toward mobile-based technology to process...

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